The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when shipped from the factory.  It is designed and intended for children 2-6 years old and may be set-up indoors or outdoors.

When set-up according to instructions accompanying the unit, it is a padded, semi-rigid structure that small children can enjoy year-round, it is not a hard, rigid structure as would be appropriate for larger children or adults.  Holes are provided in the bottom of the structure and in the bottom padding for drainage when used outdoors. 


Safety has been the primary focus in the design and construction of the ball pit.  All materials are non-toxic, lead-free and none will rust, rot, splinter or corrode.  There are no small detachable parts a child might swallow, and no large, heavy or sharp-edged parts that could be used as a weapon to injure a child.  All edges and powder coated steel posts and framing are padded with non-toxic polyethylene foam.  The materials in balls are nontoxic, lead-free and most are FDA approved.  When set-up and used indoors or outdoors, according to instructions, there are no design features or materials that represent a hazard to children.

Return Policy 

Purchasers of the GigglePlay™ Gazebo acknowledge receipt of this written policy and accept the terms thereof to be practiced between the manufacturer, Intertech Corporation, and the purchaser who acknowledging acceptance of the following terms and conditions governing the return of GigglePlay™ Gazebos to the manufacturer and to receive credit for such return by agreeing to purchase the Gazebo:

  1. Because the GigglePlay™ Gazebo is a unique, patented product incorporating snap and lock-together components which constitutes a semi-rigid structure when set-up and assembled according to written instructions and diagrams accompanying each unit when shipped from the factory, it is intentionally extremely difficult to disassemble any part of the GigglePlay™ without significant damage or destruction of components, rendering the structure incapable of reassembly, repair and usefulness.  THEREFORE, manufacturer will accept for return ONLY units that have not been attempted to be assembled, followed by disassembly even when returned in original packaging.  Credit will be issued only after receipt of prepaid return, inspection and confirmation of the above condition at the factory.
  2. Prepaid returns must be received at the factory no more than 30 days after ship out date from the factory.

  3. Factory Address:   21st Century Products, Inc.
    2102-D Cheshire Way
    Greensboro, NC 27405

Advise factory of circumstances regarding proposed return in order to receive Required Return Authorization in advance of return shipment.

Factory Contact: Jack Worsham
Phone: 336-621-1891
Fax: 336-621-1893
E-mail: info@21stcpi.com
Toll Free – 1-877-55-GIGGLE

Special Note

Warranty and Safety representations are made to the original retail customer – who should contact the manufacturer with any questions, recommendations or concerns regarding warranty, safety, set-up, or use.  To realize many seasons of fun and play, it is recommended you monitor the use of this product to avoid abuse and possible damage to it by larger children than the age group it is intended for. 

GigglePlay Gazebo
2102-D Cheshire Way
Greensboro, NC 27405
336-621-1891 or 877-55-GIGGLE
FAX 336-621-1893 - www.21stcpi.com


"The GigglePlay has been a big success. It's the first thing the children want to get in."
Sandra, Early Childhood Center
Lexington, KY

GigglePlay™ GermBLOCK™ balls are the only antimicrobial ballpool balls on the market certified by independent laboratory testing to be in full compliance with the CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT of 2008, and ASTM F963-7 regarding hazardous metals in toys.


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