The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is not only a fun activity that will keep children from ages 2 to 6 years entertained for hours, but it also offers developmental and learning reinforcement. The 1000 colorful balls help develop tactile and gross motor skills in toddlers, while preschoolers will enjoy learning with the creative games below:

Find the Pearl

This game is for 1 or more players – Hide the black and white pearls (balls) under the other colorful balls.  The player who finds the white pearl gets a prize, and the player who finds the more valuable black pearl gets a larger prize.


  • Teaches good sportsmanship
  • Encourages quick thinking
  • Keeps children physically active

Fruit Basket

Pretend that each colored ball represents a fruit: red – apples; blue – blueberries; yellow – lemons; green – limes.  Call out the fruit you want and have the child find it, or call out the color and have the child tell you what fruit it is.  Make the game more active and ask questions like:

  • What fruits are Red?
  • How many fruits are Red?
  • I need 5 apples, can you toss me 5 apples?


  • Encourages quick thinking
  • Teaches colors and fruits (or vegetables)
  • Add a tossing or rolling action in the game and help with gross motor skills
  • Adding numbers to the game encourages counting

If you would like to receive monthly ideas for GiggleFun games that will help develop tactile and gross motor skills in toddlers, as well as counting and color recognition in pre-schoolers, please join our mailing list above. If you have created a new game to enjoy with the GigglePlay™ Gazebo, we would love to hear about it!


"The GigglePlay has been a big success. It's the first thing the children want to get in."
Sandra, Early Childhood Center
Lexington, KY

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