Prevents Over 99% of Bacteria Growth

GermBLOCK™ is a revolutionary new Antimicrobial protection that prevents over 99% of bacteria from establishing or growing on the GigglePlay™ Gazebo balls. GigglePlay™ Gazebo balls are the ONLY ball pit balls that feature GermBLOCK Antimicrobial Protection.

The safe, non-toxic GermBLOCK™ ingredient is added to GigglePlay™ balls during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the Antimicrobial properties of GigglePlay™ balls cannot be washed or worn away.

GermBLOCK™ has been clinically proven to prevent over 99% of bacteria from establishing or growing on the surface of the GigglePlay™ balls.


If you would like to learn more about how GigglePlay™ Gazebo balls with GermBLOCK™ Antimicrobial Protection prevents the spread of bacteria, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-GIGGLE, or contact us by email.


"The GigglePlay has been a big success. It's the first thing the children want to get in."
Sandra, Early Childhood Center
Lexington, KY



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