A Safe Place to Play…

The GigglePlay™ Gazebo was created in order to provide young children with a clean, safe, and educational activity that would provide hours of fun and social play.

Large Family Fun Centers with ballpool facilities are great fun for young children. Unfortunately, families, daycares and other youth organizations cannot make daily trips to these centers. GigglePlay™ Home Gazebo was created to provide hours of clean, safe fun for children right in the comfort of home. 

The GigglePlay™ Gazebo is the only contained soft-play Ballpool on the market that features GermBLOCK™ Antimicrobial Protection.

About 21st Century Products Inc. and Intertech Corporation

The parent company of 21st Century Products Inc., Intertech Corporation, has been a manufacturer of blow molded plastic products for more than 40 years. On November 1, 2013 21st Century Products Inc. was formed and immediately inherited status as the largest supplier of ballpool balls and related products in North America. 21st Century Products Inc. is now the sole producer of ballpool balls featuring GermBLOCK antimicrobial protection, the same balls exclusively supplied with the Giggleplay Gazebo.

If you would like to learn more about GigglePlay™ and its products, please feel free to call us at 1-877-55-GIGGLE or contact us by email here.

"The GigglePlay has been a big success. It's the first thing the children want to get in."
Sandra, Early Childhood Center
Lexington, KY




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